What is the best laminate wood floor on the market?

Laminate wood flooring is a very popular choice for home renovators and builders due to its durability, cost effectiveness and aesthetic appeal as discussed in our article why you should choose laminate wood flooring for you home. But what is the best laminate wood floor currently on the market? We have reviewed a few in order to help you to make that decision.

1. Quickstep Laminate Wood Flooring – this range is at the high end of the market, as it is known for its excellent quality and aesthetically appealing design styles. Quickstep is Belgian engineered and offers a 25 year warranty.

A few additional features include:
-It’s unique UNICLIC system offers resistance of up to 650kg’s pulling force.
-It is the only laminate wood floor product in the world that offers Scratch guard which offers 10x more scratch resistance than other laminate wood floors.

2. Balterio Laminate Wood Flooring – this is top of the range quality laminate wood flooring at its best. Balterio is known for its style, opulence and quality and considered by many to be the best in the industry. It offers a 25 year warranty and offers trendy designs and durability.

A few additional features include:
-It has the widest variety of styles and colours
-It comes in a wide variety of price brackets to suit most pockets.

3. LocFloor Laminate Wood Flooring – this is often a popular choice due to its budget friendly but high quality reputation. This is an excellent choice for domestic use and comes in 12 different colours. It also comes with a 25 year warranty and is manufactured in Belgium.

Features include:
-It’s budget friendliness
-Available in 12 difference colours, but styles are quite similar
-It passes all European standard tests for quality

4. Pasoloc Laminate Wood Flooring – This brand is also in the medium range category but offers high quality at a low price. It offers all the qualities of a high grade laminate wood floor with hygienic hard surface, slip resistance, water resistance and stain resistance.

Additional features include:
-A lifetime warranty on residential use
-AC4 Medium Commercial Grade
-8mm high density board

There are many more varieties available on the market however we feel that the above really prove their worth. For the price of these and others, take a look at our Price of Laminate Wood Flooring guide to give you a better idea.

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