Laminate wood flooring for your home

Why you should choose laminate wood flooring for your home

Choosing the right floors for your home can be a very tricky decision. There are pros and cons to a variety of flooring options and the choice is often quite overwhelming. We believe that laminate wood flooring is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons:

Durability – laminate wood floors have been engineered and manufactured to be incredibly durable for high traffic areas within a residential or commercial space. They are scratch resistant and stain resistant as they feature a hard and tough wear layer. This layer provides excellent resistance to dents and damage, more so than any other flooring option.

Cost – Laminate wood flooring is a far more economical option than most other flooring options including real hard wood flooring and tiling. Most manufacturers provide a 25 year guarantee or similar on the product and therefore should any damage occur to the floor, they will replace it. Considering that laminate floors retain their shape, colour and texture over a much longer period than other flooring options, it definitely is the most cost effective option in the long term.

Ease of installation – most manufactures will fit and install the flooring themselves or through preferred suppliers in order to make sure that the floors are installed correctly. This process is often very quick and easy and a large space will be covered in a very small amount of time. Installation is easy as the floating floor installation technique is used that utilises the tongue-and-groove locking method to lay the floor. This technique allows for the boards to expand and contract depending on temperature and humidity.

Part 2: Choose LaminateWood Flooring for your Home

Variety – Laminate wood floors are available in a variety of colours, textures, styles and designs. These vary so that you can decide on the best option for your home. Laminate floors are very easily accessible these days and a flooring store near you will be able to provide you with the choices available.


A cleaner environment – as laminate floors don’t trap dust, dirt and bacteria, the floors in your home or office will be far more hygienic than say for example a carpeted floor. This is excellent news for allergy and hay fever sufferers. In order to clean laminate wood floors very little or no chemicals are used which therefore is far friendlier to the environment.

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