The best flooring options for your home

Are you looking to renovate or revamp your home, but not sure what flooring options there are? Have a look at the below to help you to decide;

carpet supply

Carpets are a firm favourite in bedrooms and other resting areas of the home. Carpeting not only feels soft but can make the entire room look soft and cosy. Wall to wall carpets are quick and easy to install and can even be installed over uneven flooring. Although fibre technology has improved dramatically over the last few years, carpets unfortunately can still stain and become dirty despite best efforts to avoid this. However regular vacuuming and deep cleaning can help to prolong a carpets longevity. Low traffic areas are therefore the best areas for wall to wall carpets.


Tiling is an excellent choice for high traffic areas within the home. Tile floors are incredibly durable and very easy to clean. Usually only a mop or sweep is needed. Tile floors however can create high echo in a home and have the potential to look cold and uninviting. The cost of tiles varies on the type and range from very expensive to very inexpensive. You would be able to choose the tile that best suits your home and pocket so this shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

Hard wood flooring
This beautiful flooring choice looks elegant and is a timeless classic. Unfortunately real hard wood flooring is very costly to purchase and install, and therefore is not often an option when home owners renovate. Real hard wood flooring however is very durable and easy to clean and always looks stylish. To keep real hard wood flooring looking pristine, it may need a sand and polish from time to time which again can be quite costly.

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Euro Laminate Grey Oiled Oak

Laminate wood flooring
Laminate wood flooring has become a firm favourite for high traffic areas as it is easy to clean as well as stain and scratch resistant. The technology has improved greatly over the years and the quality of laminate wood flooring has increased tremendously. Cost wise it is still cheaper than real hard wood flooring and depending on type and quality it can also be cheaper than carpeting. It is easy to install, however should an area become soaked with water, the entire rooms laminate flooring may have to be replaced. It is an excellent option for families with young children and pets because of its high stain and scratch resistance.

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