Types of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and Vinyl Flooring

A new wave of low cost, high quality and good looking tiling has come to the market in the form of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). In our article The Advantages of Vinyl Flooring, we looked at why Vinyl flooring has become so popular and how it has completely changed from the 70’s plasticky sheet vinyl that we remember. We also looked at why it is an excellent option for high traffic areas at home or in the office. To understand this great flooring style a bit more, we look at the types of vinyl flooring options that are available on the market.

1. Click Vinyl Flooring – much like the name suggests, click vinyl tiles are secured to one another through an interlocking system. They float above the floor as opposed to being glued to the floor. This makes installation of the tiles very quick and easy and they can also be removed easily if the need arises. For example if moisture happens to get beneath the tile, that tile can easily be removed and replaced with another without destroying any neighbouring tiles in the process. Examples of brands of Click Luxury Vinyl Tiling include Quick-Step LIVYN, Leno Vinyl Tiles, Trio Loc Vinyl Tile, Life-Style Vinyl Planks. Traviloc Vinyl Flooring and Belgotex Vinyl Flooring.

2. Glue Down Vinyl Flooring – Glue down vinyl flooring is laid in two ways, the first is fully bonded installation where adhesive is placed the full length of the room and tiles laid on top of them. The glue that is used can either be permanent or releasable in a fully bonded installation. If it is releasable you will be able to peel back and manipulate the tile throughout its life if it isn’t sitting correctly. This is great for short term projects and flooring needs. In other cases a permanent adhesive is the better choice as it ensures that the tile stays in one place. For bathrooms and kitchens it is advisable to use permanent glue over releasable glue. The second is perimeter bonded installation. This method requires adhesive to only be applied to the perimeter of the room. This method is mostly used in temporary installations and to keep costs low and is not an advisable method for high traffic areas. Some brands include Leno Woodflex Vinyl Flooring, Life-Style Vinyl Planks and Belgotex Vinyl Floors.

3. Vinyl Sheeting – vinyl sheeting is vinyl flooring that hasn’t been cut into tiles or shapes. It comes in a roll and the installer will need to cut the vinyl sheeting to fit the room as one whole piece instead of separate tiles. Perimeter bonded or fully bonded installations can be used in this case.
Remember that Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and vinyl flooring is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cost effective, durable and easy to maintain flooring solution. Have a read through our article Vinyl Flooring versus Laminate wood flooring for some more useful advice when trying to choose the best flooring option.

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