Laminate Wood Flooring versus Tiled Flooring

There are many arguments for and against using tiles in your home or office as a flooring option. We take a look at some of the most common negatives and compare them to laminate wood flooring.

1. Tiles are cold – this is very true. In winter tiles can be freezing on your feet and unfortunately underfloor heating costs a fortune. In summer however they are nice and cool and can help to reduce a rooms temperature. Laminate wood flooring on the other hand is much warmer in winter due to its multi-layered system but stays cool in summer and therefore helps to regulate the temperature in a room.

2. Tiles are hard – this seems obvious but they are definitely a lot harder than laminate wood flooring or carpeting. If you’ve ever watched a child slip and fall on a hard tile surface you will know how desperately you had wished there was carpet there to soften the blow. Objects that are knocked over by children or pets seem to almost always break on a tiled floor and shatter into a million pieces. Many laminate wood flooring options come with multiple layers so they are much softer and far more pliable and objects therefore don’t break as easily nor will children hurt themselves too badly when falling.

3. Tiles are slippery when wet – This is especially true for porcelain and marble tiles. Great care needs to be taken with a tiled floor in terms of products used to clean and cleaning up after any spills as it can be quite hazardous. Although laminate wood flooring is also slippery when wet it’s not quite as dangerous as it’s slightly more abrasive than a tile. There are however tiles available that are non-slip so if this is a concern for you make sure that you buy quite a rough non-slip tile.

4. Tiles are susceptible to cracking – tiles can unfortunately crack when hard objects or furniture are dropped on them. If you don’t have any spare tiles this means that you have to find exactly the same one to replace it (which may be a discontinued product) or replace with a different tile which would look very strange. Laminate wood floors don’t crack and if they do damage for some or other reason, they can be replaced very easily.

There are however many advantages to tiling your home for example, they are easy to clean, they are completely scratch resistant and as mentioned before are cool in summer. When deciding on laminate wood flooring versus tiled flooring, shop around for the best quality and price to match.
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