Laminate Wood Flooring Ideas for your Kitchen

If you are renovating an existing kitchen or building a completely new one, you’re probably trying to decide on the best flooring option for your kitchen. Key factors you would need to look at in your kitchen to see what the best options are include:

1. How much traffic does your kitchen have? – is your kitchen the hub of the home? If so then a scratch and scuff resistant floor such as laminate wood would work well and so would vinyl flooring, tiling or concrete floors.

2. Is your kitchen open plan? If so, do you want the flooring to be the same across the whole space? What would work best in terms of lighting, colour and general aesthetics? Real wood flooring could look incredible however may be too pricey for the whole area. Tiling the area is cheaper, durable and easier to clean so this may be a good option. Laminate wood flooring can be found in many styles and colours and may be more appropriate in tying the whole space together.

3. Are your kitchen and scullery in separate areas? When fridges or washing machines leak they tend to create puddles of water around their edges. If your fridge and washing machine are separate to your kitchen, for example in a scullery then laminate wood flooring could be an option. However if there are sometimes pools of water that stand for a long time in your kitchen then laminate wood flooring may warp and damage so it would be best to use vinyl, tile or concrete.

Let’s have a look at the some of the most popular flooring options:

1. Laminate Wood Flooring – Laminate wood flooring has become very popular in kitchens due to its aesthetic appeal and elements of warmth. Contrary to popular belief, laminate wood flooring is a great option to have in a kitchen. With new technology and the continuous improvement of laminate wood flooring durability and water resistance, it is an excellent choice for the entire house, including the kitchen. Due to the additional layer it has it is both scratch and scuff resistant so can handle high traffic, pets and children.


2. Vinyl Flooring – unfortunately vinyl flooring has quite a stigma attached to it when many years ago you could only get limited colours and styles and they would warp, tear and flap. Nowadays you can in fact get vinyl flooring that looks exactly like wooden floors or laminate wood floors. You are able to purchase vinyl flooring in a variety of styles, colours, textures, patterns and sizes. It is also water resistant and very durable. In our article Laminate versus vinyl flooring we look at some of the differences between the two.

3. Tiles – Although tiles are quite common in kitchens due to their water resistance and durability, they can sometimes create quite a noise especially in high traffic areas. If you are considering tiles then it is worthwhile to expand the traditional “square white tiles” and look at the many different sizes and shapes, colours, textures and patterns that are available.

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