Laminate wood flooring design ideas for your living room

When it comes to flooring, laminate wood flooring can be a very stylish and robust yet cost effective option. There are literally thousands of laminate wood flooring styles to choose from which could be a little overwhelming. Here are some ideas of which style to use if you’re thinking of installing laminate wood floors in your living room.

Firstly there are a few questions you should be asking yourself in order to make the right decision on which laminate wood floor to choose from a design perspective:

  1. How big is your space?
  2. How much sunlight does the room receive per day?
  3. How much foot traffic will the floor undergo?
  4. What colours are the walls and ceiling?
  5. What colours are the couches and other furniture in the room?

So given this information you can then get a better idea as to which type of laminate wood flooring you should use for example:

  1. If your room is small with little sunlight rather use light laminate wood floor and horizontal long planks as opposed to laminate floor in tile shapes. This will make the room look bigger and brighter.
  2. If your room has a lot of foot traffic rather use a slightly darker or busy laminate wood flooring texture that won’t show dirt as easily.
  3. If your wall colours are quite bright it is better to use a neutral colour laminate wood floor such as shale or oak. If your walls are fairly neutral you have more opportunity to play around with colour and pattern. White walls usually look fantastic with a dark wood laminate wood flooring.
  4. As with wall colour the more neutral your furniture, the more you will be able to experiment with colour and pattern of your laminate floors. If your furniture is dark it is probably better to have light laminate floors and vice versa.

Balterio Magnitude_Off White Oak 2

Of course there are other considerations you will need to take into account such as price and usage area when considering which style of laminate flooring is best for your living area. Have a look at this useful laminate wood flooring buying guide to give you a better idea on this as well as the Price of Laminate wood flooring.

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