Laminate Flooring VS Click Vinyl Flooring for the home – The Facts!

Laminate Flooring VS Click Vinyl Flooring for the home – The Facts!


When choosing between a Luxury Vinyl Floor (LVT) or Laminate Wooden Floor for your home or business, a few factors should be carefully considered..


Vinyl Flooring:



Commercial spaces that have high traffic wear simply can’t have wood laminate flooring installed for these simple reasons:

  1. Heavy Traffic Wear causes Residential or Light Commercial Grade (AC3/AC4) laminate flooring to get damaged
  2. The need to clean the floor regularly in busy public spaces like restaurants or fashion retailers leads to incorrect cleaning care methods. Cleaning staff carelessly use excess moisture that causes damage to the laminate floors.
  3. Laminate Floors used in high traffic commercial spaces need to be replaced after short periods of time, as soon as 1 Year after installation. This causes a huge problem for business owners who can’t afford any downtime to their business.
  4. Noisy floors are undesirable in certain commercial spaces.
  5. In spite of the availability of ‘Heavy Commercial Grade’ laminate flooring (AC5), they tend to be priced much higher than AC4 or AC3 grade laminate flooring & therefore rarely get specified for commercial applications in order to reduce the cost of the project. This leads to negative results in terms of the lifespan of the floor & laminates are labelled as a poor choice as a commercial floor covering. This causes a knock-on negative perception in the market.


The solution comes naturally to install Vinyl Flooring designed for Moderate to Heavy Commercial use.


Click Vinyl Flooring is a fabulous solution to heavy traffic & it’s easily cleaned with excess moisture as done with ceramic or porcelain tiles.

These Vinyl Floors also look like wood & most brands offer a natural wood-grain texture for a ‘Real Wood’ appeal.

When walked on, there seems to be almost no excess sound created as seen with most laminate flooring.

Pricing is a fair amount more than laminate flooring but considering the benefits it has for commercial applications & the long-term savings, it’s clear that Vinyl Flooring is a sensible choice.


With Vinyl Flooring there is are precautions to be noted,

  1. Vinyl Flooring are sensitive to direct sunlight exposed to the floor on a regular basis. Curtains, Blinds or UV Shielded Tinting is an ideal deterrent.
  2. Not suitable for areas with rising damp issues –The water-proof qualities are related to spills on the surface of the floor. Rising damp issues must be resolved before installing vinyl flooring. Generally moisture from rising damp or flooded rooms still shouldn’t damage the vinyl planks, but moisture that is trapped under the vinyl floor will result in moisture rot to the concrete & organisms like mould that thrive in moisture will soon develop & this can have various health risks. There will be visible complications if moisture is trapped under a vinyl floor but after uplifting the flooring & resolving moisture issues fairly quickly, the same vinyl floor should be good to be re-installed.
  3. Vinyl Flooring must be laid on a perfectly level & smooth surface –Vinyl is flexible & will settle down to take the shape of the floor below. It’s unsightly if not done correctly & also restricts the vinyl floor from easy expansion over time which causes damage.


Residential customers are now seeking out vinyl flooring excited by the thought of having a Waterproof, Silent Floor that will last forever.

Sadly when met with the cost to achieve this, only as little as 10% of these customers still show interest in Vinyl Floors.


Vinyl Flooring therefore seems to be a premium option & seldom affordable for a residential application.


*Caution – Take special care when choosing a Service Provider to do business with. There are numerous ‘Home-Based’ businesses as well as larger businesses that have no intention to assist customers with warranty claims in the future. Ask for references if you feel suspicious in any way.

If the correct installation methods are not strictly followed, there is a high risk of product failure & the manufacturer will not honour any warranty claims in this instance.

Also enquire with the retailer about the manufacturer of the product. How long has the product been on the market? How long the warranty is valid for & exactly what does it cover? Etc.


Laminate Flooring:


Over the past Decade or so, Laminate flooring has come a long way, providing us with great design features, durability & affordability.

Yes, Laminate floors are sensitive to moisture in excess. This is generally caused under two scenarios:

Negligence: Unattended water spills, over-flowing pot plants left unattended, rain entering through open doors or windows, incorrect cleaning methods caused by using traditional spaghetti mops with excessive moisture, etc.

Remember, negligence refers to when a person intentionally ignores a threat that can lead to damage. Laminate floor are resilient enough not to get damaged if the threat is identified & dealt with correctly within an acceptable timeframe. This is why millions of people around the world prefer laminate flooring as a low cost flooring solution that mimics very expensive natural wood.

Accidental: Burst plumbing, prolonged electricity outages that cause refrigerators to defrost & leak water onto the laminate flooring, etc. Poor Building Construction Methods that fail at restricting rising damp from entering the home, or leaking roofs where rain enters into the home is usually not the home owner’s fault & can also be considered as accidental.

These extreme situations are usually covered by your insurer, please check with them for a clear definitions & rulings in this regard.


Laminate floors also make a clicking sound when stepped on with high-heeled shoes. This is either something you love or hate depending on each individual.

The good news is that sound can be greatly reduced by understanding & acting on these main factors:


  1. Laminate flooring laid on top of a level surface will have less sound due to the absence of air cavities that resonate sound.
  2. Laminate floors with a higher density are much more silent than low quality laminate floors that have lower density structures. A reputable retailer should easily be able to provide you with the product density specification among other specifications for each product.
  3. Board thickness can have sound dampening properties but beware of cheap imitations that have lower density & yet claim to be better because of the thickness. Generally the industry standard is 8mm however there are a few respectable brands that offer 7mm laminates that are just as good as or even better than 8mm laminates in the same class. Other options on offer are 9.5mm, 10mm & 12mm laminate floor thicknesses but again, be weary of the product that is offered to you & the company that is offering the product.
  4. Sound Dampening Underlays are available as a superior underlayment option. These include rubber underlays & HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). However, be careful as these are not to be confused as a solution to uneven floor levels which is the main cause of sound. It may assist as a solution but there is no absolute alternative solution than a level sub-floor.

In light of these Cons, there are Pro’s, and boy do they outweigh the cons!

Laminate flooring is available in a massive range of colors & textures to suit every budget & you will be delighted by the Heat Insulating properties offered during the cold winter months.

For real wood textures, look no further than Laminate Flooring

Also expect to get increased Scratch Resistance, UV Resistance, Burn Resistance, Impact Resistance, Splash/Water Resistance & much more depending on the specific product.

Laminate Flooring is the undisputed champ as a domestic floor in terms of value for money but Vinyl Flooring is making huge strides in the industry & should soon become more popular in the domestic sector.

I hope that this read has provided you with invaluable advice before you make your final decisions.

If you are still uncertain, you need only ask a professional for advice.


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