Autograph Vinyl Planks

Autograph LVTAutograph Interlock Vinyl Planks is a 5mm thick, 228.6mm x 1219.2mm PVC layered with PU coating, environmentally-friendly floating floorplank series, safe from harmful substances such as formaldehyde and VOC that could be generated from using adhesives. No adhesive is required for installing Autograph Interlock Vinyl Flooring. The adhesive-free installation allows for a wider area to be fitted in less time.


– Suitable for heavy commercial use
– Water resistant
– 10 years commercial warranty / 30 years domestic warranty
– Easy to remove and re-install
– 100% recyclable after use

*Click Vinyl Flooring (LVT) is not advised to be used in direct sunlight & care must still be practiced with regards to wet areas – no moisture should flood & seep under the vinyl flooring. If moisture is trapped under vinyl flooring, the floor panels must be uplifted carefully so as not to damage the click mechanism & allowed to dry out completely before re-installing on a clean & dry subfloor.


10 Colors to Choose From:

Aramon Bordeaux Cinsaut Clairette Gamay Grenache Grey Malbec Mauzac Pinot Grey Sylvaner